Car Park Lot Marking and Road Works

We are developing our expertise in all the car park-related line marking for the public, commercial and private sectors.

What We Do

We carry out car park lining surface repairs and resurfacing works including multi-storey car parks – as well as a line removal service.

We specialise in straight, parallel white and yellow lined parking spaces –but also standard regulation floor signs and symbols, such as; disabled vehicle access spaces for wheelchair users and electric car charging bays. We use high-quality thermoplastic material – with the addition of reflective glass beading for added reflectiveness on highways and car park lines. It works well for most parking areas such as asphalt, concrete, block paved, and tiled surfaces.

We also offer temporary reflective road stud installation – to improve safety with increased car park line visibility at night or under poor conditions.

This is perfect if you have a small car park, lorry park, or multi-story and you wish to highlight lane markings, walkways, and central carriageways.

When you have a professional complete your paint line marking they will be measured out and spaced evenly, which will ensure that you maximize the number of parking bays and your space will look neat and professional. Floor paint will only be where it is meant to be, and the line-marking paint that we use will be heavy-duty and long-lasting.

We undertake a thorough cleaning of the space so that the line-marking paint appears neat and clear. Whether you want yellow, white or blue paints, we can meet all of your needs.




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