Quality parking Company in Malaysia

We have assessed, designed, built, and operated successful parking programs. Our experience and operational understanding of the details provide a unique perspective.

What We Do

We can support your overall parking operation, including best practice  models, policy documentation, technology solutions, and staffing plans. We will incorporate innovative strategies to achieve your optimal parking program, focused on five functional areas:

Financial Analysis

Parking Operations

Asset Management

Workforce Management


Each of these functional areas will provide a critical foundation for the development, ongoing, and future planning for an Agency’s parking program, whether setting parking rates or determining parking inventory supply, these functional areas will provide the core for all of the recommendations and deliverables. An integral component of this foundation is to implement a decision support system that provides the Agency with a robust and reliable plan that provides modularity and flexible solutions that can grow and expand with your Agency’s evolving needs.

Our expertise and operational formula have been proven to deliver great value and satisfaction to car park owners and meet the demanding needs of modern buildings and their finicky communities.


We have been successfully operating since our inception with excellent yearly growth supported by our strong financial position, total financial transparency policy, and in-depth reporting and revenue modeling systems that deliver clients detailed insights into our operations and the success of each asset. Our organization strives to exceed industry best practices through stringent audit control systems and procedures to ensure every revenue is accounted for and a quick fix is done to any leakages that are identified.


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