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The collection will give consideration to Dora and her cousin Diego as they go on adventures in their own separate worlds. They will then meet up at the finish of each episode. The new series will premiere on Nickelodeon on February 18, 2019.

Dora appearance

Despite this, Diego and Dora are best pals, and even share the identical birthday. Diego’s first look is in a darkish blue shirt, orange vest, green cargo shorts, and brown shoes. Later, he appears in darker cargo shorts, an orange vest, and a tan shirt with long sleeves. Dora the Explorer fans agree that Diego is not her boyfriend however her cousin. But within the show, it has never been saying for sure how they are associated.

Diego lets the baby jaguar go reunite along with his household. The famous animé character was only 7 years of age in the initial 5 seasons which lasted from the 12 months 2000 to 2010. Therefore, from seasons 6 to 8, Dora exhibited an indication of age; eight years through those seasons. Throughout this film, he wears a blue shirt over a long yellow shirt, mild yellow sneakers with light and dark blue patterns on the sneakers, and brown capris. Pablo’s eyes modified from blue to brown at one level, and he additionally changed his clothing style a bit.

Who is dora’s boyfriend?

Throughout her history, Diego and Dora have aged and adjusted. The relationship between Diego Marquez and Dora is not official, however they are positively close sufficient to work. Diego and Shira married after Diego defeated Gutt, the baboon who is responsible for running the exhibit. In the identical present, Diego and Shira are seen playing the part of a child brother and cousin.


The series also features a wide range of new episodes, together with Diego’s own adventures. This vacation season, the children at DStv selected one of the best shows for kids to watch. Most individuals think that Dora’s boyfriends are her cousins and pals, so that you may be certain there is no adult content material in this sequence.

How outdated is dora?

Diego and Dora share a surname, Marquez, and they are each eleven years old! Diego is also a computer genius and adores Dora! Diego first appeared on the show in season three episode two.